1. To promote, develop and strengthen economic security at the household level through appropriate preparation of the youth and able -to-work members of the community to improve accessibility to jobs, support of community economic development, and support for anti poverty efforts. JOJUDEF will support;
  2. Launch National and Regional Community Development and health programmes in the area of HIV/AIDS awareness and research, and advocacy for the health of all.
  3. Promote preservation and management of the environment for a better future.
  4. Participate in Civic Education and empower the community to know their rights for development purposes.
  5. To promote unity and Development among its members and the public at large.
  6. To promote the spirit of unity, friendship and exchange of development ideas among the organisations with similar mission and vision world over.
  7. To hold seminars and conduct training workshops, professional advice and supervisory control for the betterment and control and supervise the activities of the members and their products and maintain good quality standards thereon.
  8. To engage in any other lawful activities which may be deemed by members of the Foundation to be conjured to the betterment of the Foundations objectives.