We are writing to improve the lives of unskilled and unemployable community through skill development training and creation of health support programs, assist trainees utilize their potential, proving mentorship and guidance to the community in managing their socio-economic structures there by ensuring sustainable development and economic independent communities.

To strengthen its purpose, the foundations other aim is to foster a entrepreneurial power in the youths and drive economic sustainability. The Communities and the Board of Directors of JOJUDEFaim at seeing the Foundation as a gateway to improved living conditions and acceptable social-economic development in the community, with the members of the community becoming financially selfsufficient, and focused on healthier life styles, with the creation of programmes and projects/activities that will help the communities realize their development potential.


John and Juliet Development Foundation (JOJUDEF), aims at comprehensive, compassionate skill development programs to improve the impoverish unskilled and unemployed residents of the affected communities, as well as health support activities to ensure health lives, mentorship and guidance to the community members in managing their income generating structures there by driving sustainable development and economic independent communities.

The foundation covers the women, youth and the elderly with a wide range of activities as below;

Skill development project

JOJUDEF is currently running a Vocational College at Ndekye-Kabete in Bunyaruguru County, that is, Bunyaruguru Vocational College Rubirizi.

The institute trains in technical courses such as welding, plumbing, electrical engineering, building and construction among others. It also trains in non-formal programs like weaving, hairdressing as well as business courses like Accounting and finance, business management among others.

The project reaches more than 150 students imparting both formal and informal skills to the trainees. The foundation plans to introduce other programs after acquiring more facilities and support.

Health project

The foundation also runs a college; that is Johnass International College of health sciences in Njeru Municipal Council (Buikwe District). This college offers both certificate and diploma courses in Nursing and midwifery training.

This project aims at improving the health of the people with special attention to expecting mothers.

Career Guidance and mentorship

The foundation is committed to improving education more especially among the youth. This is done through outreaches to Secondary and tertiary institutions, creating awareness on career development specifically on which courses to take when building career.

The foundation also avails the youth with information about loan scheme, offers free forms and guides them throughout the entire process. This has enabled the youth to take the right pass in their career as well as assisting youth from poor families in the community access government’s help and realise their potential.

Women and youth empowerment project

This foundation co-ordinates a group of women from different sub-counties in Bunyaruguru county and has equipped them with informal skills like sewing and needlework.

This project aims at teaching the women of the community to be sample machinists in other wards teach them all the skills that they require to make everything from soft furnishings to clothing and quilted wall hangings. This provides sustainable employment to the local women in the community.

However, the women coverage is increasing every day which strains the foundation in terms of capital and equipment costs of expanding the project to new groups of women.